SRD Group

The S.R. Deka Group is a family owned business organization and we have an expertise in food and beverage manufacturing. We are based in Mangaldoi, Assam and employ over 4000 people.


Sunandaram Deka

Sunandaram Deka (Xunandi Mahajan)
1911 – 1997

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Sunandaram Deka laid the foundation of the SRD Group in 1931 by opening a small tea stall at the heart of Mangaldoi. During his lifetime, besides launching several successful businesses, he contributed generously towards various social causes.

Today, the legacy of Xunandi Mahajan continues to flourish in our organization because we continue to adhere to his founding principles and constantly draw inspiration from his life. The legacy of our founder allows us to be an ethical and responsible corporate citizen of India.

SRD Research Development

Our Mission

We want to play a significant role in the economic development of Assam and other states in Northeastern India through the following:

  • Making Northeast India a manufacturing hub – We at SRD Group have always believed in manufacturing as a major lever for economic development. This belief has made us invest significantly in this region and we have partnered with several leading companies to manufacture products for them in this region.
  • Creating Jobs – We create jobs through the growth of our organization by manufacturing quality products at competitive prices.
  • Supporting causes to improve people’s lives – In the name of our founder – Late Sunandaram Deka, we have set up the Sunandaram Deka foundation – a not-for-profit organization. Through this foundation we invest in education of under-privileged children as well as promotion of arts and culture.

Our Values

  • We always put customers first – Happy customers makes us happy. We are laser-focused on customer satisfaction.
  • Our employees are our greatest assets – Our employees are the backbone of our company and are the cornerstone of our success story. We provide our employees good working condition, training and development opportunities for their career growth.
  • We care for our society – We have grown because of the symbiotic relationship between our society and us. Caring for our society is a quint-essential part of our business.
  • We have an unwavering commitment to our partners – As a small company working with several multinational companies, we have had the opportunity to learn a lot from our partners. Hence we always strive to strengthen the relationship with our partners even further.

SRD Group Mangaldoi


We have five verticals in our company

SRD Group

SRD Factory
Own Manufacturing

  • S R Deka & Co Pvt Ltd – Established in 1988 at Mangaldoi and manufactures atta, maida, suji and bran. The plant has a capacity of 80 metric tonnes a day.
  • SRD Bakers – Established in 1994 at Mangaldoi and manufactures about 200 SKU’s of bakery products, which are sold under the brand names Repose and Bakers Special.
  • Repose Foods Pvt Ltd – Established in 1999 at Guwahati and manufactures about 300 SKU’s of bakery products, which are sold under the brand names of Repose or Bakers Special.
  • Repose Snacks and Sweets – Established in 2003 at Mangaldoi and manufactures about 45 SKU’s of Indian savories (bhujia, moong dal etc.), which are sold under the brand name of Repose.

Contract Manufacturing

  • SRD Nutrients Pvt Ltd – Established in 2000 at Mangaldoi and manufactures Horlicks for Hindustan Unilever Limited.
  • Trinity Fructa Pvt Ltd – Trinity Fructa Private Limited commenced commercial operations in 2012 and manufactures ORSL for Johnson & Johnson. TFPL also exports its products to several countries in South East Asia.
  • Repose Agrotech Pvt Ltd – Repose Agrotech Pvt Ltd commenced operations in 2017 and manufactures ready to eat snacks such as instant popcorn and other extruded snacks for Agrotech Foods Limited.

Joint Venture Companies

  • Sunandaram Foods Pvt Ltd – Established in 2006 at Mangaldoi and manufactures cup cakes and bar cakes for Britannia Industries Limited. Initially the capacity of this factory was 250 tonnes a month but it was expanded in 2012 and now the capacity stands at 600 tonnes a month.
  • North East Nutrients Pvt Ltd – The factory is currently under construction and is expected to be commercialized in June 2015 at Ramhari. This is a JV company with ITC to manufacture the Sunfeast range of biscuits for the market in Northeast India.

Contract Manufacturing

Retailing (Our Brands)


Repose is our own brand of bakery products and savories. The products are sold through company owned and operated retail stores as well as non company owned retail stores. Our exclusive distributors allow us to serve the needs of consumers in several districts of Assam.

Repose Bakers Special

Bakers Special is our range of premium bakery products that are sold through 12 company owned and operated retail stores. These retail stores are also called Bakers Special and are located at prime areas in Guwahati, Nagaon and Mangaldoi.

Repose Highway Resort
Ancillary Businesses

  • M/S Sunandaram Deka – Our commodity trading business, which was established in 1943. It supplies essential commodities to remote parts of Assam through a fleet of company owned transport vehicles.
  • Sumitra Shopping Complex 1 and 2 – Two shopping complexes of 55000 square feet and 12000 square feet in Mangaldoi and Kharupetia respectively.
  • Dreamtheatre – A 200 seater 3D movie theatre in Mangaldoi.
  • S R Deka Warehouse – An 40000 square feet warehouse at Guwahati.
  • Repose Highway Resort – A 3 star boutique resort property in the Guwahati-Mangaldoi highway in Assam.

We collaborate with the following companies

Hindustan Unilever Limited
Johnson & Johnson

We have partnership (Joint Ventures) with the following companies

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